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"It cuts down opponent's angles and jams them and reduces their options, and that frees up your partner at the net to poach. Also, when you go for a body serve, you're not going to miss the serve wide so that ups your serving percentage."

~ The Bryan Brothers on the Double's Body Serve

Heard on the Changeover

he recently held Ruth Shiflett Kiwanis Shoes for Kids Charity Tennis Tournament, the 14th, raised over $16,000 to benefit the neediest kids in our own county. Thanks to all the players, sponsors, providers, volunteers, and the Emerald Pointe tennis community for its generous support. Special thanks to Michelle Gwaltney for organizing and hosting the hospitality component.


Improving one's ball striking skills is the obvious, never ending given. But, it’s the mostly overlooked and seldom taught difference making mental and emotional techniques that represent the ultimate path to your personal best tennis, win or lose, every single time out. Tennis is, after all, much more than just the strokes.

"Jak is a superbly talented and gifted teacher. If you want to dial-in your A-game more consistently, his book Tennis Game Theory is a must read."
- Dr. Jim Loehr
World Renowned Performance Psychologist and best-selling author

Whether you’re a tournament player, a weekend warrior, new to the game or coming back to it after a long hiatus, you have experienced moments, even extended patches of truly outstanding play. On the other hand you have also experienced entire days when nothing seemed to go right for you – consistently inconsistent. Learning to understand precisely why you’re succeeding or failing to perform up to your expectations - produced by your good results - is paramount in improving your game and enabling you to aspire higher.

Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.
 - Albert Einstein

Jak’s ability to quickly zero-in on the differences in your play, those that  ultimately account for the successes and failures both in the point and in between points, is the product of over 40 years experience and proven know how in teaching and coaching the game at every level.

His highly developed ability to both recognize and feed the exact ball a players needs to literally feel the optimal ball striking experience, coupled with the playing skill and fitness to do it on the run in one-on-one live ball situations - teaching through playing - result in repetitive perfect practice learning opportunities.

Every player is approached as an individual, one who learns in their own particular way and who grows at their own particular rate – hard wiring and previous conditioning. It’s all about the player and his or her needs, and not about those of the coach.

After working with Jak, even briefly, aspiring players' understanding of their true game and potential is markedly expanded.

"Be with what is, so that what is to be MAY BECOME."
- Kierkegaard, Philosopher

New Book - Tennis Game Theory



New Book - Tennis Game Theory

More Than Just the Strokes: Book Cover

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More Than Just the Strokes: Book Cover

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